María Bernad is a Spanish creative with international projection based in Paris. With studies in Fashion Design and Art, the 25-year-old works as a designer, creative director and stylist.


Submerged by a well-known vintage style, María founded more than 3 years ago Les Fleurs, a brand that offers an upcycling collection and vintage clothing showcasing María’s personal aesthetic as a creative, focusing on the sustainable side of vintage fashion.’

And in 2020 founded ‘Les Fleurs Studio‘ as a sustainable marketplace for upcycling designers and vintage stores.

Part of her mission is to reclaim the term ‘sustainability’, and set new parameters for its meaning. At Les Fleurs Studio, all designers work solely with pre-existing materials, vowing against contributing to the growing problem of waste, whether that be reconcepting vintage tailoring salvaged from landfill, using deadstock material from luxury brands, or curating edits of archive and vintage. We don’t produce. We reuse. Les Fleurs Studio is the first platform of its kind, a digital and physical space to exchange ideas, collaborate, and invest in the future.

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